Sukin Super Greens Clay Masque and Facial Recovery Serum

Sukin Super Greens Clay Masque and Facial Recovery Serum

Sukin quickly became a firm favourite brand of mine after discovering it in Australia last year. I first got the Hand & Nail Cream from their original range, and also their Sensitive Facial Moisturiser, which I fell in love with.

I was so happy to find that Holland & Barrett stocked Sukin when I returned to the UK. Although more expensive than in Australia (Sukin is an Australian brand), it was cheaper then getting it shipped over, and totally worth it. All their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and are free from SLS, mineral oils and parabens.

I had seen the Super Greens collection a few times when in Holland & Barrett, and was extremely keen to try the products. This products within this collection include green superfoods like spirulina, kale, chlorella and parsley. I had never used superfoods this way before, so was excited to see the results. I decided to go for the Detoxifying Clay Masque and the Facial Recovery Serum. My skin has not been great lately, I am not sure why. Maybe down to the constant change in weather, with a mix of hormones and unfortunately stress, so I thought it was a brilliant time to give my skin some serious tlc.

Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque Review:

“A clay based masque infused with kale, spirulina and parsley, to promote a clean, healthy and glowing complexion.”

When I first opened the pot, the product actually looked like clay; a thick consistency which is always nice with a face mask. It actually smelt like marzipan when first applied, which I found quite strange. I am not huge fan of marzipan, but the smell didn’t put me off at all thankfully. It felt nice and soothing once applied to my face, and didn’t flake like some other clay masks do. It felt very comfortable, and didn’t sting at all, and also didn’t tighten when drying which I thought was great. When first applied, it comes out the same colour as what you see in the pot, but once it dries on the face, it appears translucent. I left it on for 15 minutes as instructed, and then washed it off with warm water and a flannel.

My skin felt very refreshed straight after using it. However, after a couple of uses of the product, I didn’t feel as though it made much difference to my skin visibly, but I did feel as though my skin felt a lot healthier. The natural ingredients within this product are supposed to work together to lock in moisture, in turn helping to promote healthy skin.

If you are looking for a very natural clay mask, but are not bothered about seeing visible results quickly, then this is the perfect product for you. It is suitable for all skin types, and there is definite change within the way your skin feels after using it. It is packed with amazing natural ingredients, which is no wonder my skin felt so refreshed. I would potentially buy again, but I don’t feel as though it is the best face mask I have ever come across.

Sukin Super Green Clay Masque

Sukin Facial Recovery Serum Review:

I was actually quite disappointed with this product, which is extremely upsetting. I am a big fan of face serums, so I really thought I was going to like it. Generally with a serum, I expect the product to be a thicker texture. This product is extremely thin, and is a white colour, which really reminded me of milk. Now obviously being vegan, I only drink the plant-based milks, but growing up (before I turned vegan), I always hated milk, and it is something that I have always found really quite gross; the colour, the consistency, the taste. As you can imagine, that instantly put me off this product.

I did still use it however, as I wanted to review it properly, but honestly I wasn’t won over by it at all. I love that it contains all the natural ingredients, similar to that in the Clay Masque, but I didn’t feel as though it made much difference to the state of my skin. I have definitely used other serums and facial moisturisers before which have been more effective.

Also, I thought the packaging wasn’t very well made. It comes in a small 30ml bottle which is great for travelling, but when pumped, even lightly, the product flew out and onto the carpet. I tried it numerous times, and each time, it ended up on the floor!

If you are looking for a lightweight product to use before applying makeup or for overnight, this could potentially work for you. I know that in summer I hate putting thick moisturisers on my face, so this is a great alternative, if you can get over the milky consistency, which sadly I can’t.

Sukin Facial Recovery Serum

I was a little disappointed with the Super Greens collection, especially as the products aren’t cheap. I think I will just stick to their other collections in future. Don’t be put off by the brand though, as I still fully recommend it, and would still recommend the Clay Masque to people looking for a feel good product, just maybe not the serum.

This has definitely N O T put me off buying Sukin products, and I highly recommend their Sensitive Facial Moisturiser, as it is one of the best facial moisturisers I have come across so far.

Sukin Super Greens Face Masque and Serum

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