Pearly Poised Teeth Whitening Strips

Pearly Poised Teeth Whitening Strips

As I am sat here writing this, I have the last set of teeth whitening strips on my teeth. In the packet I received from Pearly Poised, it contained 14 sets, enough for two weeks.

Now, I have never used teeth whitening strips before, so I had nothing to compare them to. It did take a little time to get used to having the strips in my mouth, as it is a weird feeling and the gel is extremely strange. If I am completely honest, I struggled to see/taste the coconut in it, but that could just be because I found the whole thing quite unusual, and had never used these strips before, so it was all very new to me.

Pearly Poised Teeth Whitening 4As instructed, I cleaned my teeth before every use, and applied to both sets of my teeth, pressing into place so that they stuck properly. I folded over any excess. This was simple enough, although I did feel as though the bottom one could have been slightly wider, as it unfolded easier than the top at times when it was meant to stay put. Keeping myself busy for 30 minutes, without eating, drinking, or touching the strips. I carefully removed the strips once the time was up and discarded them, using a tissue and rinsing my mouth with water to remove any excess gel. This was actually the part I disliked the most, having the excess gel in my mouth was not the nicest feeling.

In terms of results, there has definitely been a change in the colour of my teeth. I actually noticed a change after the first use. When looking in the mirror every day it is hard to see a difference, but when you take photos and put them next to each other, the difference is very obvious. As somebody who used to smoke, it is great to see these changes. I highly recommend these teeth whitening strips. I still want my teeth even whiter, so may even get another pack and do it all over again, or alternatively I will look into other brands, just to see the comparison.

This is the picture after I took off the final strips. My teeth in these photos have not been edited at all. I know it will never be the exact same lighting. so the colour comparison will never be exactly how it actually is, but both these images were taken in the same part of my room, during the day, with my blinds open. If you are interested in purchasing these teeth whitening strips, you can get them from the Pearly Poised website. The pack which I had costs £19.74. Definitely let me know if you decide to try them.

Teeth whitening results 3

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