Miss Patisserie Bath & Body

Miss Patisserie Bath & Body

From the packaging to the actual products, I am struggling to find anything at all wrong with this company. The intricate detail on the products, to the modern white and marble box they all came in, Miss Patisserie is a vegan and cruelty-free bath & body brand which you really need to try.

Created in 2009, this unique brand was inspired by Charlotte Simoes’ great love for beauty & design. Offering products for the bath, body, face and home, she wanted to ensure only the best, natural ingredients were used, which were beneficial to the mind and body, as well as being fully vegan and cruelty-free.

I was sent one of their stunning bath melts, shaped like a cupcake, and no word of a lie, they look good enough to eat. I was also sent one of their bath slabs, which is something I had not actually seen before. Next was a bath bomb, but not any old bath bomb, quite possibly T H E  B E S T smelling bath bomb I think I have ever come across, and lastly, their orange coffee scrub, which was divine, just like the rest of the products.

Miss Patisserie Cupcake Bath Melt 

The Papaya Tea Bath Melt. You can see from the photos just how delicious it really is. The fruity scent of papaya and white tea instantly puts you at ease, and the nourishing cocoa and shea butter moisture sets deep into the skin, revitalising your body with all the necessary antioxidants and minerals. They even add a little touch of shimmer to the bath melt, making your bath and body glow even more. This can be used more than once, as you can just take it out the bath once half used, and pop it back in its little box until next time.

Miss Patisserie cupcake bath melt

Miss Patisserie Mango Bath Slab

As mentioned before, this is something I hadn’t actually seen before. Although it is technically the same as a bath bomb, it comes in a slab form, similar looking to a chocolate bar (a lot of food similarities with this brand). You break off a chunk or two and pop it in your bath. I love the concept of this, as rather than just being able to use it once, it lasts a lot longer, and you are able to use it numerous times. The mango, lime and grapefruit scent is perfect for summer, and the ingredients work together to nourish your skin, leaving it silky and soft after just one bath.

Miss Patisserie bath slab

Miss Patisserie Colour Fest Bath Bomb

When I first smelt this, I honestly couldn’t put it down. The smell is right up my street as it’s not too sweet. I am not a bath person, as I normally shower, but after smelling this bath bomb, I couldn’t wait to jump in the tub. It doesn’t look massively colourful from the outside, actually pretty plain if I am honest. It is white with tiny specks of colour, but once leaving it to soak in the water and it slowly dissolved, the inside started to burst with colours of pink and blue/green. The bath bomb contains detoxifying black lava salt and warming black pepper oil that helps to relax the muscles.

Miss Patisserie bath bomb

Miss Patisserie Orange Coffee Scrub

As a huge coffee lover (both taste and smell), I was over the moon when I pulled this product out of the box. I have seen a lot of these about lately and I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Opening the packet, the smell of coffee hit me instantaneously. Gentle enough to use on the face and body, it scrubs and exfoliates all at once, plus it is amazing at reducing cellulite. It is also perfect for buffing away any fake tan, if you are a fake tan wearer (see one of my latest posts on one of my favourite fake tans), leaving your skin tan-free, and smooth ready for your next application. The coconut oil and sweet almond oil infused within this product repairs skin leaving it soft and supple. I can definitely vouch for this, my skin felt amazing after using it.

I have only just discovered that Boots sell Miss Patisserie. Click here to see which products Boots has to offer.  For all my friends and family, be warned, you will more than likely be receiving these as gifts at some point because they are just so damn C U T E ♡

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