Lush Smugglers Soul Perfume Balm

Lush Smugglers Soul Perfume Balm

This teeny tiny balm is actually a perfume would you believe it or not. I was on the search for non-liquid products for my holiday recently, and remember seeing these in Lush a while ago. The cute quirky tins filled with solid perfume make perfect travel additions.

Driving the shop assistant mad smelling every single vegan one, I decided on The Smugglers Soul in the end, due to its woody smell. When it comes to fragrances, I have always preferred musky, woody scents, as opposed to floral.

Described as being “deep, dangerous and intoxicating,” this solid perfume contains a fab mix of ingredients including sandalwood and jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is known to be a natural moisturiser, which you can really feel when applying the product to your skin. The product itself is actually green, but once rubbed in, the colour and product sink into the skin nicely.

The sandalwood is what gives this product its light, woody fragrance. Alongside the sandalwood, the tagetes oil adds a comforting aroma, and the lemongrass oil adds a sweet, uplifting scent to the fragrance, without being too overbearing. Together the ingredients work exceptionally well, and give off a lovely warming scent.

Although the scent is right up my street, sadly, I found that it didn’t stay on the skin very long, which is such a shame, and that was after applying quite a bit to my wrists and neck. The only plus to it is that it is so small so you can carry it around with you in your handbag, and keep applying when necessary. Plus, because it isn’t a liquid, you can guarantee that it won’t leak in your bag.

They do also do a liquid version, which I am keen to try, as I really do love the scent, I just wish it lasted longer.

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