Lipsense – My First Impression

Lipsense – My First Impression

I had seen information about Lipsense, mainly via social media, and I think that’s down to them being like Arbonne, with their consultants. I think it is a really clever way of marketing, as it does get you noticing the brand and the products. Anyway, I was contacted by one of the consultants and asked if I wanted to try their products. Of course I did, there was no question about it. As a completely cruelty-free and vegan brand, I was keen to try them, to see how they compared to other lip products.

The special thing about Lipsense is they are not like your average lipsticks or glosses. I received my package to find three different products within the parcel:

The Long Lasting Lip Colour

The Moisturising Gloss

Ooops! Remover

The fact that it came with a remover to get the lip stain off gave me high hopes that maybe this would be a product where the colour would actually stay on, unlike so many other brands.

Prior to receiving the product, I was sent the colour list from the consultant so that I could choose which one I wanted. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to choose a colour. Over time you will learn how indecisive I am. Sending the colour options to my sister, I hoped she would choose for me.

I (we) eventually decided on She’s Apples. I am not a red lipstick person, and to be honest normally go for pinks and nudes, but I do love orange toned lip products, which is why I chose this particular one. It is a lot brighter than what I normally wear, but as I was having it gifted, I thought it would be a nice idea to try something different to the norm.

Lipsense She's Apples

The first application didn’t really go as planned, as it really stung my lips. I removed it quickly and messaged the consultant. She told me that it can be tingly to start with, and to use the gloss on its own first, as it might just be because I had dry lips. I think because I wasn’t expecting the tingle, it shocked me at first, and I panicked.

Keeping my lips moisturised for a few days, I decided to give it another go. I still got the tingly feeling, but once left on for a few seconds, it was absolutely fine. I applied the liquid colour first, one layer at a time, letting it dry for around 30 seconds in between each layer. Once I was happy with the colour, I left the last layer on for one minute before applying the gloss. The colour was gorgeous. Very bright, but really really nice. I headed out, and was keen to see how it would last.

Throughout the night, all I had to reapply was the gloss, not once the colour. I was out for drinks, and even after numerous drinks, the colour stayed on exceptionally well.

The only qualm I have is that I would prefer a matte cover, rather than a gloss, but in general the product was great. I actually do think you can make it matte, but I need to look into it and find out how. I used the Ooops! Remover at the end of the night to get the stain off my lip, because there is no way that colour is coming off with any old remover. I absolutely love the remover. I don’t know what it reminds me of, but the product smells divine.

Overall, I am really pleased with the product and the colour which I chose, and I would definitely recommend Lipsense to others. You can find their website here.

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