E.L.F Makeup – Taking The UK By Storm

E.L.F Makeup – Taking The UK By Storm

When I first heard about e.l.f makeup, it hadn’t actually reached the UK yet. I was so tempted to order it online, but as I am sure you know, it’s hard to find a good colour match without seeing the products themselves, so I held back.

You can imagine how excited I was when I found out it had come over from America to the UK, and even better, to my favourite health and beauty retailer, Superdrug.

I knew I had to try some of their products, especially as such reasonable prices. It was 3 for 2 on all Superdrug makeup, so I thought what better time than now. I ended up buying 10 e.l.f makeup products, which all together came to approx £50. Now considering I normally spend £33 on a powder, you can imagine how excited I was.

I was expecting some of the things, if not majority to not be that great if I am completely honest. With price points like that, I was comparing it to other makeup I had tried at similar prices, which I hadn’t thought much of.

Trying each product, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the majority of it. For such cheap prices, I was pretty amazed.

Here is a run down on all of the e.l.f makeup products individually.

e.l.f makeup bare lightweight concealer stick light/medium – £5.00

I normally use Arbonne creme concealer, which sadly has been discontinued. It was one of my all time favourite concealers, so I am now comparing everything to it. I can’t say that this concealer stick has lived up to Arbonne’s creme concealer, but then at the fraction of the cost, what do you expect. That’s not to say I don’t like it however. I actually think it is pretty damn good for £5. It is easy to use, and mess-free, and I like that it is chunky. The light/medium shade has a sort of yellowy tinge to it, which is perfect for brightening the skin. Although it says to put on top of foundation, I think it is as effective if used first, before foundation, or alternatively just on its own if you are popping out and don’t want to put on a full face of makeup.

elf concealers vegan make up

e.l.f makeup HD lifting concealer light – £4.50

I also got the HD lighting concealer in the light shade, as I wanted to compare the two. I like the consistency of the liquid and how it helps cover blemishes and darker parts of my skin really well. I actually quite like using the two together if I am going for a fuller face of makeup, but for everyday I would just stick to one or the other. I would probably say I prefer this one out of the two, purely because it is more hydrating. I have more dry skin than I do oily, so dry products like the concealer stick are not always the most suitable. The light colour was the perfect match for my skin. The only downside I have to this product is I don’t feel as though you get much in the small bottle, so I feel as though it will run out quite quickly. I guess at £4.50 you can’t really complain however.

e.l.f makeup flawless finish foundation SPF 15 – £7.50

I spent ages in Superdrug deliberating about which foundation to get. I didn’t have my fake tan on that day, but I knew the darker shade was going to be too dark and the lighter one too light. I needed an in between shade which wasn’t there. In the end I opted for the buff and the sand, and have been mixing the two together. This has actually worked out perfectly for me, as it means I can add more of one when I have my fake tan on, and vice versa when I don’t. In regards to the actual foundation, I really like the consistency. It is quite thick, so maybe not to everyones taste. I prefer a thicker foundation as opposed to a thinner, lightweight one, so this was perfect for me. Normally you find cheaper foundations can be quite thin, barely covering anything, but not this one. The thick consistency meant better coverage, and stayed on really well throughout the day. Oh, and I love the fact it has an SPF of 15 in it.

elf foundation vegan make up

e.l.f makeup high definition powder soft luminance – £7.50

As somebody who normally uses a pressed powder, I thought I would try out the high definition loose powder. Aside from a slightly messy affair, I actually really like how it goes on, and more importantly stays on. I used a powder brush with it instead of the puff as I am not a fan of the puffs, and it still worked really effectively. This isn’t a product which you can carry around with you, due to the messiness of it. Definitely better left at home. It is an incredibly soft powder, and leaves the skin looking flawless. I use it over my concealer and foundation, and it sets my face makeup perfectly.

elf loose powder vegan makeup

e.l.f makeup contouring blush & bronzing powder St Lucia – £5.00

I opted for the St Lucia set, as I thought Fiji looked too dark. I was slightly disappointed with this product, and looking back I actually wish I had gone for the Fiji one. The bronzer part of the St Lucia set was actually ok, something I could work with quite easily. However, the blush side of it was just far too pale, to the point that it doesn’t even really show up on my skin. This won’t be something I would buy again, however I definitely will be trying out the Fiji one. Will report back to you all once I have used it.

e.l.f makeup baked highlighter blush gems – £5.00

When I tried this in store initially, I wasn’t that impressed, as I didn’t feel like it came out that well. However, realising that it is a baked highlighter, all it needed was a little dampness to really make that vibrant highlighter glow which we all strive for. Having not long ago discovered The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer highlighter, which is definitely one of my all time favourites, I was sceptical about how this one would pan out, especially the thought of applying dampness to my already applied face of makeup. Again, pleasantly surprised, I really L O V E the pinkness to it. It adds to the natural pink glow (or blush application) to my cheeks, and created a really nice, soft glow. I would definitely be keen to try their other shades too. Super lightweight and small, it is a really easy product to carry around with you.

elf baked highlighter vegan makeup

e.l.f makeup nude eyeshadow palette rose gold £12.50

Ok, so this is probably my favourite product of all of the ones I bought. The palette is filled with 10 gorgeous matte and shimmer shades, and offers an amazing combination of warm pinks and pinky golds. The eyeshadows are formulated to be crease proof and are ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes. With such a great selection of rose neutral colours, it is the perfect palette for summer. The colours are not too heavily pigmented, but enough to colour and blend effectively. The matte colours are not crumbly, which is great, and the shimmer colours are fab quality. I can’t recommend this product enough, and am really very excited to try some of their other palettes. Also it is really compact, so is perfect for carrying around.

e.l.f makeup intense ink liquid eyeliner blackest black £4.50

This was one of my first times using a liquid pen liner, as I normally use a pencil eyeliner, or liquid liner. I have heard numerous times how much easier a pen liner is than a liquid liner, however I didn’t actually think that was the case. I have spoken to a few people since who have advised that it does take practise, but once you have mastered it, it really is much easier. In terms of the actual product, the pen tip is long and tapered, the perfect size and shape for precision (once you have mastered it), the product dries relatively quickly, so less chance of smudging, and did last all day, so no complaints there.

elf liquid eyeliner vegan makeup

e.l.f makeup volume plumping mascara black £4.50

Now mascaras are always a tricky one with me, especially since I had fake lashes (vegan & cruelty-free of course) for about 7 months, and only had them taken off a couple of months ago. I decided to go for the plumping mascara in black. I like a heavy looking eye, with eyelashes which look almost clumpy (but neat, if that makes sense), so I prefer the thicker mascara brushes. Due to my eyelashes being slightly damaged from the eyelashes (yes, I pulled them out towards the end, taking half my real eyelashes with me), I needed a product which was going to excel. When I first used the mascara I was a little disappointed, but then I always know it takes a few attempts to warm it up. My next couple of applications were better, and the mascara did create thicker looking, bold and more volumised lashes. The dense, oversized brush and quite a few layers meant my lashes were fully coated to a thickness I was happy with. I wouldn’t say this is “the one” but it certainly isn’t bad for £4.50. I have definitely bought more expensive mascaras before which haven’t been anywhere near as good.

elf mascara vegan makeup

e.l.f makeup matte lip colour natural – £4.50

L O V E  L O V E  L O V E this matte lip colour in natural. It is such a nice, subtle colour which doesn’t dry the lips out massively. I tend to put a layer of lip balm on first, let it soak in and then apply the e.l.f lip product. One thing I really love about this product is the packaging. There is no need to sharpen the pencils, you just twist them up once it starts to get low. I wouldn’t say it is the most long-lasting product however, so top ups are needed throughout the day, especially when eating. However, it is the perfect colour to be worn everyday.

elf lip colour vegan makeup

I can’t believe is that e.l.f makeup is sold in Walmart in America. That is like our ASDA for anyone who doesn’t know. My sister is currently in America, so I have her stocking up on e.l.f products for me, For those not in America, don’t worry, all of these products are easily accessible at Superdrug (think maybe the bigger stores only but I could be wrong?), and on their online store.

I would definitely recommend this brand. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of products considering how cheap they are. If you have tried any of the e.l.f products, I would love to hear your thoughts, either in the comments below or via Instagram.

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