Barry M Speedy Nail Varnishes – Summer Colours

Barry M Speedy Nail Varnishes – Summer Colours

Barry M speedy nail varnishes have been a long-term favourite of mine, even before I was vegan, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out I could continue using them after turning vegan.

Over winter my nails tend to range from black, navy and grey, and to be honest, I have been known to stick with those colours over summer too. This year however, I decided to have a change, and embrace the summer with some lighter colours.

I chose the Barry M Speedy Nail Varnishes as I love that they are quick drying. Sometimes you find with brands that they claim to dry quickly and then they actually don’t. Not Barry M. This makes application a lot easier, and you don’t end up with “duvet nails.” Duvet nails is when you think your nails are dry, so you go to sleep, but then wake up with your duvet imprinted onto your nail. It used to happen to me all the time, before I discovered these. Has anybody else ever got that, or just me…? I’d be intrigued to know.

I also really like the packaging. The caps mimic black and white checkerboard speeding flags, perfectly fitting for a product which is fast, and quick drying. Very clever there Barry M, I like it.

After much deliberation, and a long period of time spent in Superdrug, the three Barry M speedy nail varnishes I chose were Kiss Me Quick, Freestyle and Pit Stop.

Barry M Kiss Me Quick (far left in the photos)

This is the paler pastel pink one in the photo. If I am completely honest, I thought this one was going to be my least favourite one out of the three, but it has actually proved to be my favourite. Previously, I have found with lighter colours, the colour never seems to pop as much as I want them to, even after multiple layers. I was pleasantly surprised, as the colour was actually way more pigmented than I initially thought, and looks extra fab with a tan (check out one of my latest blog posts on one of my favourite tanning products).

Barry M Freestyle (middle on in the photos)

This is the one which I thought was going to be my favourite. I remember being in the shop and umming and ahhing whether to get all 3 of these, or whether to just get one or two, and I thought whatever happens I am definitely getting Freestyle. Although I do really like it, I think it is one of those colours which only suits certain skin tones. I will keep wearing it, but definitely needs to be worn with a tan, otherwise it can make you look a bit washed out.

Barry M Pit Stop (far right in the photos)

I know, I know, this is a grey, but look how pretty it is. I normally go for a darker grey, so this was a perfect alternative for summer. I feel as though it is somewhat between a nude and a grey, a more subtle approach to summer nails. Although I do love a nude nail polish, I think that this colour offers a slightly more interesting look than a regular nude, and perfect for everyday use. Plus, it goes with pretty much any outfit.

Overall, really impressed with the Barry M speedy nail varnishes, and will definitely be buying more. Shop Barry M nail polishes here. 

Barry M nail varnish summer colours



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