Arbonne Makeup

Arbonne Makeup

It was just over two years ago now, and I was on the hunt for a new foundation. I was at one of the vegan festivals, I think it might have been VegFestUK, and stumbled across the Arbonne stall. Keen to try it, I got stuck right in testing out the products.

This was also when I met Vivien, my “Arbonne lady,” and also fellow vegan, who has grown to become a very good friend of mine. I am actually off to Italy the week after next to stay in her Airbnb apartment, and to see her, which we can’t wait for.

She matched my colour perfectly, however they didn’t have the foundation in stock, as it was nearing the end of the day. She took my details, and contacted me a couple of days later, which was when I purchased the product, and this was the start of my Arbonne makeup obsession.

A few of my favourite products are the primer, foundation, bronzer, and mascara. Oh and also the cream concealer, which sadly has now been discontinued, and replaced with a liquid one. The liquid one is supposedly as good, potentially better, so I am very keen to try it. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the pressed powder, but that is the only product which I haven’t been so keen on.

I am not sure if you know much about Arbonne, but you can pay a yearly fee (I think of £17) to become a Preferred Client. The perks of being a Preferred Client is that you are able to purchase all products with 20% off.

Arbonne Makeup Primer:

I have tried quite a few different primers over the past few years, but I am still yet to find one I like more than the Arbonne one. I remember my friend telling me to get it ages ago, and telling me that she swears by it and it is the best primer ever. Well, turns out she was spot on. The consistency is slightly thicker than your average primer, which I love. It does exactly what a primer is meant to do, smoothing all fine lines, and ensuring makeup goes on smoother, and lasts longer. It comes in simple black packaging, with the name and logo printed in white. Not the cheapest primer at £32 (£25.60 if you are a Preferred Client) but completely and utterly 100% worth it. I will let you know if I come across a better one, but honestly, I think it is highly unlikely.

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation:

Not only the perfect match for my fake-tanned skin, but also the perfect product for everyday. It is a lightweight foundation with great coverage. Personally I prefer a slightly thicker foundation if I am going on a night out, but that’s just my personal preference for evening time. I would happily wear this one throughout the day with no complaints. Even though it is lightweight, it still gives great coverage, and stays put, unlike so many other foundations which wear off as the day goes on. The foundation retails at £37 (£29.60 if you are a Preferred Client), so similar price to other higher end brands. Definitely recommend this product. I am running low at the moment, and will 100% be getting another one soon.

Arbonne Glow On Bronzer:

I was sceptical about this bronzer, because I like a matte bronzer, and even though it is not shimmer, it is also not completely matte. Another great thing about Arbonne is that if you are unsatisfied with the product, you have 45 days to return it, and get a full refund or switch for another, so I thought why not give it a go. I am so glad I did as I absolutely love it. I have had it since December, and it is still going strong. There is no shimmer in it really, it is pretty much matte when applied, giving off maybe a slight glow (name’s a bit of a give away), but who doesn’t like a little glow. Let’s be honest, we all cover our faces in highlighter nowadays, so if anything, the glow is probably the reason I love it so much. This product retails at £25 (£20 for a Preferred Client). I don’t use makeup every day as I work from home, but it has lasted me since December, with no signs of it giving up on me any time soon.

Arbonne It’s a Long Story Mascara:

This is the most recent product I have tried and tested. I actually met another Arbonne consultant very recently who gave me Arbonne mascara testers to try out. I gave them a go a couple of days ago, and was really impressed with the outcome. I normally go for a thicker brush, as I like fuller eyelashes, however, this is a rubber, flexible wand, so different to my normal type, but the results were amazing. It enhanced my lashes, and made them look long, thick and full; everything I look for in a mascara. Priced at £31 (£24.80 for Preferred Clients), it is not the cheapest of mascaras. I love it though, and highly recommend it. Maybe for special occasions, or if you work from home like me and don’t wear makeup all the time, it will last longer, so is worth the spend.

Overall, I can’t recommend Arbonne enough. I think some people are a bit wary about ordering online without testing to see whether the products are the right colour match for them, but honestly with their 45 day returns policy, I don’t think this should be an issue. If the colour is not right for you, you can send it back and exchange it for the right one. I use the Neutral Beige in the foundation, and I did use the medium in the concealer.

Do let me know if you decide to try any of their products, or if you use any of them already, either in the comments below, or via Instagram. I will be doing a post over the next few weeks on their skincare products, and you can see whether I rave about them as much as the makeup.

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